Bliss and Button Bouquets

The days are longer and the weather is warmer, making me believe that there is a light at the end of this years wintery tunnel! I’m very much looking forward to catching up on this years spring and summer trends as we start to leave the cold, stormy days behind us. There is definitely a lot of chirp about wedding trends this year as we move into the warmer seasons  and we’re very excited here to share some of what we’ve been working on.

Here, at Blumenthal Lansing Company, we have been whipping together a creative, inexpensive way for all of you love birds to add an elegant touch to your wedding- and when it comes to weddings, elegant and inexpensive are too very important words that every wedding planner loves to hear!

Button bouquets are quite the hot trend for 2013/14 and this year we have a special occasion line of buttons called “Bliss”  now available for brides to customize their bouquets. What is completely wonderful about these bouquets is that you can add a lot of personality by turning them into a theme, combining new and vintage pieces, and adding extras like fabric flowers, feathers, or even real flowers.


Bliss bouquet

Feathered Bouquet

I love, love, love this trend because it not only is a wonderful way to exhibit the brides personality, but it transforms the bouquet into a timeless piece that you can keep forever. Unlike that traditional slice of wedding cake that really has no place in the back of your freezer! Who wants to hold on to food you can’t eat, anyway?

What to use in your Button Bouquets

Here are a few of our special occasion products now available in stores!

Bliss cardedbliss-buttons

Pearl centered flowerBliss embellishment


You can tie your bouquet in with the rest of your wedding look by using some of these lovely pieces on a sash, a pair of shoes, head piece, necklace, and whatever else your glistening heart desires! And don’t be intimidated! This is a simple and inexpensive way to add a little sparkle to your look. There is nothing I love more than a unique and creative project that is EASY to put together! Hail to the beautiful and crafty bride!

Bliss pearl necklace

bliss headbandBliss Shoes

Bliss belt

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