St. Patrick’s Day

Regardless of your heritage, you’re probably aware of St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th! Many will observe by wearing their green shirt, catching up with friends at their favorite local pub and attending parades – that is,  if you live in a big city! I know in my home we’ll (or some) will have cornbeef and cabbage!

However, I have not even come close to creating a project (bad me!) BUT I love revisiting projects from years gone by…at this point I would say visit my blog from March of 2011 – however….there were issues with our updating to the new blog that some photos didn’t download properly – but not to fret our team is working on it – but i won’t keep you hanging… I’ll post my photos (that I’ve saved) and walk you through some parts – others trust me you won’t have an issue…


Materials Needed: I selected several green buttons for the project but ended up using lapetite: 910 There is a variety of great green, gold buttons from La Mode; Favorit Findings; Green Earth…
Clover template (which you can pull off the internet); pencil; scissors; green roll crepe paper; scrapbook paper (your choice); ink pad; needle & thread; ribbon; self-adhesive pin-back.

st pats clover templatest pats scrap

st pats ink edgest pats glitter

Select the paper you want to use – trace – cut – glue (remeber to add a heavier cardstock for support). I gave the edges an aged look by inking and then added gold glitter for some shine…

st pats crepe st pats stitchst pats crepe pulled
Next step is the roll crepe paper – fold in half and then stitch as shown. I wanted to make a pinwheel rosette…Pull and you’ll create a gather. Glue to your clover/shamrock (off center it). I’m sure there may be an easier way – but it worked for me!

lapetite buttonst pats crepe and clover

st pats completest pats pinback

Last final steps – as stated above – glue crepe paper to shamrock. Add ribbon green and sheer. Adhere your buttons – I actually used Green Earth #2767  and added lapetite on top. Don’t forget to add a pinback.

Final st pats



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