Bliss Danglers!

With Wedding Season and Proms (atleast here on the east coast…)  upon us,  we’re always looking for some “glitzy” earrings to give our gowns that extra punch and for some of us just some “glitzy” earrings for the special night out! And when they ask they won’t believe that these were once “Buckles”  yes these are from our New Bliss Collection – so get ready to create some fun “buckle danglers”…

bridal earrings 012

Materials: Bliss Buckle #30
Seed Beads – clear and silver
Jump rings
Decorative Pin Heads
Wire Cutters
Flat nose & Round nose pliers


  Here are some additional BLISS Buckles that would also work…


To begin – remove from card and separate…

blissearring2      blissearring4

Carefully with wire cutters (make sure to wear protective eye-wear) cut off the two side hooks and on each of the buckles in addition to the hook on each. Remember to leave the top loop on each of the buckles this is where your wire earring will hook onto …below is what the back of the earring will look like once you’ve removed all the components.



You can at this point leave it and call it a day and that’s fine – but you need the “danglers”…

blissearring6          bde9

so begin adding beads to the pin heads – as you can see I used plain and some decorative – you will need a total of 16.
A quick how-to: place beads onto pin leave enough space ontop (approximately 1/2″ inch or so). With your round nose pliers grab tip of the wire and roll towards you creating a loop or two. Do these to all of the pin heads. With a jump ring add two pins and secure to earring you will have a total of 8 pins per earring.  Don’t forget to add the wire earring to the back also – attach a jump ring to the back look and slide onto earring wire.

bridal earrings 011          bridal earrings 008

So when you are done it should lay as the above photos.


BUT, don’t stop here keep going – add a ring!  The possibilities are endless! You know those heirloom rings – estate rings – vintage looking we have the perfect button for you…(again just by cutting the back, glue, flat back ring) you’ve created something priceless for your hand.

blissearring15          blissearring14

Here is just  sampling of our Bliss Buttons – make sure to visit Jo-Anns Fabric and Craft stores in addition to visiting our web:  for additional project ideas!


These are just a sampling – there are 45 in the total collection!

Happy Crafting!

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