Pearl Button Earrings..

Sitting in a room filled with BUTTONS and saying “gee those would make cute earrings”! Well make them already – how many times is that going to keep replaying in my head. Today was that day…  Button Earrings 014

Quick and easy and guess what I’m gonna show you how you can create these…

Materials:  Assorted La Mode Buttons – for this project I used: style#24795 (silver 4 hole); style#46569 (shell); style#24706 2 hole disc.
Freshwater pearls – white and grey; wire earrings; 2″ head pins; jewelry tools

Button Earrings 001

Above are the buttons I used however I added to the mix larger shells buttons just in case you wanted to go “bigger” (style#46792)

Button Earrings 004

Begin with your head pin and pearls – slide the head pin through the hole (the pearl should rest on the bottom).

Button Earrings 006     Button Earrings 019

Next slide the wire from the back of the button as shown in photo – bend slightly – then twist around the neck (approx 2 -3 times) as shown in the next photo above. Snip off excess with wire cutter.

Button Earrings 009     Button Earrings 010

For this project I used the above  wire with a loop – if you don’t have this  you can create your own – using the  head pin wire – snip off the pin head – with your round nose pliers grab end and roll towards you and voila you did it! So you are going to do the same procedure as we did in the last step – slide the wire from the back twist around the neck – snip off excess.

Button Earrings 012

Open you wire back earrings slide it through the loop and look you’ve created yourself some GREAT looking BUTTON EARRINGS!

                Button Earrings 015               Button Earrings 017

Button Earrings 014

The combinations are endless – so many buttons to choose from you can’t go wrong. So get out there and create your own set – and maybe even make a set for your friend – you know she’s gonna ask! Better yet what about these as teachers gifts at the end of the school year!

P.S. – Don’t forget you show us your creations!


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