Bracelet, Bracelet! Who has the Button Bracelet?

You can never have enough bracelets – especially BUTTON Bracelets! It seems everyone is making them so why not give it a try – at least some other styles that is!

I always get inspired as I glance through assorted Blogs, magazines…and always believe in giving credit to those who’ve inspired me along the way. Today I’ve had several inspirations, and they will be noted as I go along!

So sit back – I hope I inspire you to create your own BUTTON Bracelet!

Button Bangle(I will actually blog the how to on this bracelet tomorrow!)

The next several bracelets were featured in by Kim Ballor. Kim is one of our designers who has created many GREAT projects for us. She has inspired me to actually create my own bracelets (I actually like her bracelets so much I actually well…yes I mimicked hers…). Kim also provides on her blog a “video” of how you can create yours!

Favorite Findings Flower Bracelet!

Glamour Gems – “Bring on the Bling”!

A big Thank you to Kim for her inspirations!

Next…we have two simple cord bracelets!

Just an idea of what you will need to create these two bracelets!

Some weaving and knotting and your done! What a great project to do with your friends!

Another simple bracelet was created by Elaine Schmidt: Easier than apple pie. Some Favorite Findings Value Bag Carnival buttons, beads, elastic cord and glue! This is so adorable!

Another cute one –

Materials – Favorite Findings Felt and Favorite Findings Mini Colors We Love Buttons; needle & thread; elastic cord; embroidery floss and a whole lot of FUN! created by me…

Create a bunch and swap them with your friends!

Lastly, I love making these bracelets! People will here you coming as you dangle down the hallway! Inspired by Elena Lai Etcheverry – who has also created several beautiful pieces for us! (check out our FB Page to see photos and earlier blogs!). Check out her site/blog.

As you can see she has many ways for you to be inspired/involved!

So what are you waiting for – get going! Make sure to visit your favorite Craft Store to get your supplies and stop by tomorrow where I will post a tutorial on the Button Fiber Bracelet!

For additional inspirations on button projects visit our website and FB page! Also visit for some GREAT projects from paper, beading, home decor! She does it all.



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