Ribbon Wrapped Button Bracelets

I know, I know, I promised last week however I got caught up in all this ribbon!  Here is the tutorial of how to create your wrapped ribbon button bracelet…

Materials:  La Mode button #29917; Organic Elements #2708 (or buttons that will match your color wave)
                    Bangle bracelet (for this we used a wooden bangle) width (your choice)
                 Ribbon Yarn (check your favorite craft & hobby store - there are assorted colors)
                 Fuzzy Yarn
                 colored wire
                 Assorted size glass beads
                 hot glue/double face tape
                 scissors (wire cutters) 


Step 1:  dab glue/or if your more comfortable – place double face tape in the center of the inside of bracelet and begin wrapping. Hint: while you work secure with one finger so ribbon does not shift. 

Step 2:  wrap ribbon – remember to overlap the ribbon as you work.  Repeat until you’ve reached the end.

Step 3:  To complete – add some glue and press… 

Step 4: cut off excess ribbon yarn 

So the above photo is what your bracelet should resemble…so far so good!

 Now the fun start begins…

Step 5: begin adding “fuzzy” and textured yarn, fibers (remember you do not have to cover the whole bracelet – it’s an added element to your bangle.. 

Hint – make it fun overlap the fibers – twist and wrap together…(here i’m showing you basic) 


Step 6: cut 3 – 12″ wires. set aside two for now… 

Step 7:  wrap wire around bracelet and give twixt 2x around neck to secure… NOW … 

Step 8: thread wire through button holes – twist 2x to secure. Now begin adding beads, twisting… 

Okay so now repeat the above steps on the remaing two buttons…and at the end more or less your bracelet will have this abstract, fun feel to it! Have fun with it…

So now, I’ve shown you the easy steps…what are you waiting for? Go get started – and remember to share your creations with all to see!

Happy Crafting!


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