Broken Strand of Pearls

Most of you have a some strand of pearls/beads that have broken on you at one time or another sitting warpped in a drawer waiting for you to do SOMETHING to or with them…  We fiddle with our necklaces, we get up too quickly and oops there go ALL the pearls rolling away from you saying “catch me if you can”…

Well this time I was bound to do something with them and VOILA…It was too easy…with the holidays coming up we all need that extra little something to add to our wardrobe… 

Materials needed:  Strand of broken pearls/beads
                            La Mode - #48102 glass buttons
                            la.petite - #1081  black closure
                            Jewelry wire, needle, scissors

You’ll need to determine the length of your bracelet and how many strands you want to work with.  I was able to make three strands  (kinda tells you how many pearls necklaces I’ve broken!).

Thread and knot your jewelry wire at one end.  Using only one side of the la.petite closure – knot wire to the closure and begin threading pearls.  Once you’ve determined your length attach other side of closure – knot securely. Repeat until you’ve achieved the desired look. 

I’ve selected La Mode #48102 as my accent pieces to add “BLING” to my bracelet.  You can either glue or stitch the buttons on. 


So next time you think about tossing that broken strand of pearls out the window…maybe you’ll reconsider and make a new bracelet for yourself!


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