Button Wreaths

All of us have a jar of buttons in the house – we’ve collected them from years gone by…button falls off – put it in the jar.  Those “extra” button packs that comes with your coat/sweater that you purchased years back (where is that coat?).  Wondering what to do with your stash?  Here are two button wreaths that I made back in the day that are hanging in my craft room.  I still love talking about them! 

Materials:  Assorted white buttons - to get a jump on the project I recommend that you use:

Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons #2011 & Favorite Findings Colors We Love #402 white.  I suggest that you use these buttons as the base (first layer)and build on top of these. Adding some great buttons from our LaMode collection and your personal stash.

                   Styrofoam wreath;   satin ribbon,  old vintage lace ribbon;  hot glue;  white bead trim.

begin gluing buttons onto styrofaom wreath.  Remember to cover the sides also.  Don’t be afraid to overalp buttons.  Every so often step back and see where you may need to add “glitz” to the wreath.  Once you’ve acheived the look…add white beaded trim – you may want to secure to the wreath using glue.  Add ribbon and your ready to hang your wreath.  The great thing about this wreath you don’t have to take it down after the holiday.  Keep it hanging  – it’s a great conversation piece! 


 Here’s another wreath I made using black, white, gold. 

So next time you’re thinking about throwing away that button – put it in a jar and start your collection!

Happy Crafting.

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