Button and Ribbon Necklace

Do you have trouble finding the perfect accessories for your favorite outfits? The solution? Create your own! Not only do you get exactly what you want, but you create a unique piece that no one else has! We created this Button and Ribbon Necklace from a variety of buttons. Pick buttons that match your style and pair them with coordinating satin ribbon. Use a neutral color ribbon or pick a color that matches a specific dress or shirt.

Button and Ribbon Necklace Final 2

To make this Button and Ribbon Necklace, you will need the following materials:

Variety of Blumenthal Buttons

Felt, Two 6 inch Squares

Needle and Thread

Straight Pins

Double Face Satin Ribbon, 5/8 inch wide, 1 yard

Measuring Tape


Button and Ribbon Necklace Materials

Lay out your buttons on one piece of felt. Arrange into a design you like using a “u” shape (as pictured). The necklace will hang best if the larger buttons are at the bottom of the design. Thread the needle and sew buttons into place on the felt.

Button and Ribbon Necklace Step 1

Next, place the second piece of felt on the back of the first piece. Pin the two pieces together. Carefully cut through both pieces of felt around the buttons. Cut the felt as close to the buttons as possible.

Cut two pieces of ribbon to 18 inches each. Place ½ an inch of one end of each ribbon between the two felt layers. Place the ribbon near the top of the buttoned felt so the necklace will lay flat.

Button and Ribbon Necklace Step 2

Sew the two pieces of felt together. Make sure you sew the ribbon ends inside the felt pieces as you go.

Button and Ribbon Necklace Final

Use the ribbon to tie the necklace around your neck in a bow. Tie the bow in the back or to one side for a different look. Trim any excess ribbon and heat seal the ends.

Button and Ribbon Necklace Final 2

You can make this Button and Ribbon Necklace in a variety of styles and colors. Pair them with different outfits or give them as gifts!


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