Easy Button Earrings

Here is another fun jewelry project: quick and easy button earrings! There are a number of style options when it comes to button earrings. For this project we used a dangle style with multiple buttons. The red buttons make them a cute gift idea for your friends for Galentines Day! But you can make them to wear any time.

Easy Button Earrings Beauty

To make these Easy Button Earrings you will need the following materials:

Blumenthal LaMode Buttons, Red, 16 Buttons

8 Jump Rings, 8mm

2 Ear Wires

Chain Nose Pliers

Easy Button Earrings Materials

To begin, open a jump ring and add two buttons with right sides out. Close the jump ring with the pliers.

Easy Button Earrings Step 1

Next, open and add another jump ring to the first set. Add two buttons to that jump ring. Close the jump ring with the pliers. Continue this process two more times, adding a new jump ring and buttons to the previous layer. You will have four layers with a total of eight buttons. If you want longer earrings, just add more layers. Repeat this process for the second earring.

Easy Button Earrings Step 2

For the final step, open one of the ear wires and add it to the top jump ring. Close it to secure. Repeat this process for the other earring.

Easy Button Earrings Step 3

Easy Button Earrings Final

This is a project you can really personalize. Try using multiple colors of buttons or an ombre the colors from dark to light. You can also add small charms or beads to the bottom of the earrings with additional jump rings.

Do you keep the extra buttons when you buy a new shirt? This could be the perfect project to use those buttons that are just collecting in a jar!

Do you have a different button earring design in mind? Share your photos with us on Instagram and tag us @buttonlovers. We’d love to see what you create!


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