Button and Twine Bracelets

We are so happy that fall has finally arrived! But if it’s not quite sweater-weather where you are, you can still add a some autumn color to your wardrobe. We created simple Button and Twine Bracelets that work as great fall accessories. These easy to make bracelets will match any style using our vintage or contemporary 4 hole buttons. Make several to give away or wear them all at once! Your choices are endless with all of our different button collections and colors!

button and twine bracelets beauty 2

To make these Button and Twine Bracelets you will need the following materials:

La Mode 7/8 Inch Tortoise 400029407A

La Mode 3/4  Inch Beige 400032005A

Le Petite 5/8 Inch White 002500169

Assorted Red and Burgundy Buttons

Twine (narrow enough to fit through the button holes)


To begin, cut two pieces of twine, long enough to go around your wrist two times. Fold each piece in half and feed ends from the back of the button through the button holes. Leave enough of the folded end to create a loop. Once you’ve fed the ends through the holes, feed them through the loop. Repeat with the second piece of twine

button and twine bracelets step 1

button and twine bracelets step 2

Tie around wrist in double knot and trim.

button and twine bracelets primary

For a different look, try using a thicker embroidery floss or narrow yarn. Use multiple pieces of floss and braid the ends once you’ve fed them through the button holes and the loop.

We’ve created a simple look so make it your own by adding beads and charms. Or layer multiple size buttons in different colors on top of each other (just make sure they are 4 hole buttons).

Need some easy autumn décor? Instead of tying these around your wrist, tie multiple strands around glass votive holders. Tie them around napkins for a fall dinner. You can even tie longer strands around a tall vase filled with mini pumpkins. There are so many ways to use these Button and Twine Bracelets!

button and twine bracelets beauty 1

Happy Crafting!

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