Wind Chimes

Inside or out, these little button and bead wind chimes will catch everyone’s eye! Use new or vintage biscuit or cookie cutters to make colorful garden decorations. Add vintage or new keys, crystals and small trinkets to the ends to create lovely music. The buttons and beads add color and contrast to the metal elements.

Wind Chimes Beauty

To make these Wind Chimes you will need the following materials:

The Button Artist #100005814A Cactus

The Button Artist #100005821A Turquoise

The Button Artist #100005819A Sorbet

3 Biscuit or cookie cutters (we used vintage ones)

Assorted vintage or new keys, trinkets, crystals, beads

Beading wire

Chain with links that will open

Wire cutters

Small pointed jewelry pliers

Wind Chimes Materials

Wrap wire around the tip of your pliers to create a circle link. In a random order, add buttons and beads onto to the wire. Snip the end of the wire leaving a 1/2 inch tail and create another circle link. Create multiple wires in different lengths with buttons and beads.

Wind Chimes Step1

Open one link of your chain and slip through the circle link. Attach desired amount of chain links to another button and bead piece in the same manner. Close link to secure.

Wind Chimes Step2

Fold a 10 inch piece of wire in half and slide buttons onto the wires. Snip off wire and create ring at the end. Create multiple versions.

Wind Chimes Step3

Join several of the button and bead sections to desired lengths. Add trinkets, keys or crystals at the end of the lengths for weight. The stacked button pieces will give you weight as well.

Wind Chimes Step4 Wind Chimes Step5

Attach a 3 inch piece of chain at the top of each length and wrap around the sides of the biscuit cutter. Open the last chain link and slip through the chain to secure. Close link to secure. You can also add some chain to the top to hang your wind chimes.

Wind Chimes Step6

Wind Chimes Beauty

Have a rustic decorating style indoors? Hang small wind chimes where they will catch the breeze from an air vent or open window and enjoy your musical creation indoors as well!

Happy Crafting!

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