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If you’re a button collector, crafter or artist and you haven’t heard of Busted Button – then you might want to. Even if you aren’t “into” buttons, Dot from Busted Button can entertain you in so many ways. Not only is she an awesome button artist, and Etsy shop seller & jewelry maker – but she’s an amazing mom of 5. And she shares her adventures with you, from cooking to silly things her kids said. She finds incredible ways to entertain you. You might find many of your friends are negative on Facebook or always using it as an outlet to complain about something. But not Dot! Not Busted Button! She can put a smile on your face from thousands of miles away. Oh, and did I mention how cute her kids are?

Busted Button Tree Painting

I “met” Dot last year (online) after drooling over her button art for hours. I fell in love with this one, because I’m a big Zelda fan myself. Eventually we decided it would be awesome if she could collaborate with us (Blumenthal Lansing Co.) and create some button art using our buttons! She put together this amazing tutorial on making a portrait of The Little Mermaid out of buttons. Which, -by the way- hangs proudly in my office now. On that note, we will get to the interview! And you can see for yourself just how much you love Busted Button!

We know your name is Dot… short for Dorothy right? Tell us about yourself… without including buttons
Yes, that’s right! I am named after my grandmother, Dorothy.
I was born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, but really, I’ve resided on Vancouver Island in Canada for my whole life. My parents had 10 kids and encouraged creativity, so it was a blast growing up! There was never a dull moment.

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How did your creative relationship with buttons begin?
Well, I have been creative with anything and everything I could get my hands on since I was but a wee child, whether it was paint, plastic canvas, cross stitching, sewing, etc. The button thing kind of exploded for me though. I started using the name Busted Button a few years ago when I made a pile of button earrings for a fundraiser. I wanted people to think the earrings were professional, so I stuck the name on it, and it turned out to be the beginning of something pretty cool! As for the button paintings, I saw a simple buttoned branch on Pinterest, and thought I would take it to a different level-adding paint and colorful backgrounds and other personalizations and versions, including my Four Seasons Button Tree.

four seasons tree by busted button

You’re a very inspiring person… with all you do between crafting, cooking and being a MOM! So who or what inspires you?
I am pretty inspired by anyone who pursues their passions and lives selflessly along the way. A lot of moms inspire me too- moms who rise above their challenges and live intentionally, even if it means going against the grain. I am also really motivated by my kiddos- especially my two with special needs. They need such specific care, and me being able to work from home makes it easier for our lives to revolve around therapy schedules and special schooling.


Being the busy mom you are… how do you fit your button art into your life?
Time-wise, I fit it in while the little kids are sleeping, and I let the older ones create with me at the table if they are awake. I have prioritized my creative times, and I think every mama should! It is so beneficial to spend time working with your hands! I try to make sure that 30% of what I make I give away or donate to good causes, because I like there to be a bit more meaning to my work and time, than just making money. 🙂

What are some buttons you are in love with right now? Whether its color, style or brand!! Share it with us…
My favorite buttons are the Favorite Findings one – they are so perfect for crafting because of the awesome assortment of colors, and they are nice and flat 🙂

Can you let us know 5 crafty tools you use that you cannot live without?
I can’t live without my glue gun, jewelry pliers, computer, paper punches, and my paint brushes!


From your blog entries we know that you’re a talented sewer but you hate sewing. Will we see any button-filled blog entries that include sewing anytime soon?
I don’t like sewing much at all, I think because I have a hard time focusing on those kinds of tasks, but I always find myself sewing, because I get ideas in my head that need to come out! Right now I am embellishing a baby carrier with an appliqué and buttons, and me and my twin sister, Debbie from Happy Yellow Dress are collaborating on something VERY buttony in the near future.

We would love for you to use this for shameless promotion. Please let us know what you have going on now and what you might like to promote!!!
[hmmmmmm i dont knowwwwww what to put here hahaha] Maybe just my blog – BustedButton.com, Facebook page and my etsy shop?


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