DIY Infinity Scarf with Buttons

You know what’s awesome? Fall is awesome. The food, the fashion, the fully bearded boys in pea coats and wool scarves… Definitely awesome. (Is it Movember yet?)

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 8.59.07 AM

(My face right now ^)

Oh! Scarves! That’s right, I’m here to talk about scarves! A DIY Infinity Scarf! So, along with beautiful bearded men, I also fully enjoy a warm infinity scarf in the Fall… especially if it costs little or nothing to have! Here’s a clever way to turn an old sweater into a trendy Fall accessory in just three easy steps!

infinity sweater

  • Grab your old cable knit sweater, lay it on a flat surface, and cut a horizontal line from right under one armpit to the other.
  • Cut another line parallel to that one at the desired width. I usually just leave the ribbed hem on…but if you want a less bulky scarf, 6-10″ is good.
  • Hem any unfinished edges to keep the scarf from fraying…and voila! You have a new scarf to add to to your collection!

If you don’t have any extra sweaters you want to sacrifice, you could also grab any soft fabric and cut a long rectangle, hem the edges, and sew the two edges together. Piece of cake! Here are some measurements I usually follow for a larger scarf.

DIY Infinity Scarf

To be extra noticeable, throw on a few cute buttons to your scarf for some nice detail.  I used the 7/8″ La Petite wood buttons but I also really love the stitch print buttons from our Elegant line #942.

DIY scarf


La Petite

See how easy! Now you can spend that $40 you might have used on an American-made hipster brand scarf and spend it on a movie and dinner! So the next time you’re at the store in the aisle of never ending infinity scarves – remember what I taught you. Creating your own infinity scarf is so much more fun than buying one. 🙂 And please make sure you share your creations with us on our Facebook or our community gallery!

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