Button Fruit Napkins

Get a head start on summer dinner parties with these cute Button Fruit Napkins.  Use different colors and sizes of buttons to create the fruit and simple stitches for the leaves and stems. I used a sunny yellow gingham check pattern for the napkins but solid colors work just as well. You can use the same fruit on each napkin if you are matching a theme, or make each design unique. For this project, I stuck to red and orange fruits.

Button Fruit Napkins Table Setting

To create these Button Fruit Napkins, you will need the following materials:

Button Jar Red  540001006

Button Jar Marigold  540001010


Embroidery Floss, Green

Thread in a coordinating color

Fabric Napkins in desired pattern and color

Button Fruit Napkins Materials

To begin, determine which fruit shapes you are going to create on each napkin. Thread the needle with thread. Sew on a button in corner of each napkin using coordinating thread. Tie a knot on the backside of the napkin and trim the ends of the threads.

Thread the needle with the embroidery floss. Sew freehand to make the stems and leaves using either a back stitch or a running stitch. Knot the floss on the backside of the napkin and trim the ends. If you don’t feel comfortable sewing freehand, lightly sketch the leaves and stems with a pencil and then stitch on top.

Button Fruit Napkins Step 1

Need some additional ideas for fruits? Try using small buttons to create a bunch of green or purple grapes. Other fun fruits to try could be blueberries, plums, or red and green apples. The cherries are my favorite!

Button Fruit Napkins Final 2

Looking for a shortcut? Sew on some fruit-shaped buttons. Here are some you can try:

Strawberries  132501161

Grapes  960022623

Limes  960028002

Apples  960024721

Either way, these Button Fruit Napkins are a great way to personalize your summer gatherings!



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