Patriotic Button Headband

Summer is just around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about some summer projects. I thought I would get started early on some red, white, and blue themes so you have time to plan and gather your supplies! First-up is this Patriotic Button Headband. This is a fairly simple project that allows you to completely personalize the finished look! Get creative with the buttons you choose.

Patriotic Button Headband Final

To make this Patriotic Button Headband, you will need the following materials:

Elastic Ribbon in a coordinating color


Blue Thread


Measuring Tape

Safety Pin

You will also need a variety of red, white and blue buttons:

Favorite Findings Patriotic Buttons  550000429

Favorite Findings Patriotic Stars Buttons  550000483

Patriotic Wave Buttons  960023009

Patriotic Button Headband Materials

To begin, measure the head of the wearer and add an inch. Cut the elastic ribbon to that length.

Patriotic Button Headband Step1

Starting about an inch in from the edge, sew on the buttons using a needle and thread. Alternate colors, sizes and shapes and overlap buttons occasionally to cover the elastic. Stop one inch from the other end of the elastic ribbon. Knot the thread on the backside and trim the ends.

Patriotic Button Headband Step2

Lay both ends of the elastic ribbon over each other and pin together with the safety pin. Try the headband on to make sure it fits snuggly. Adjust as necessary. Remove the safety pin and stitch the ends together using the needle and thread. Knot the thread on the backside and trim the ends. Trim any excess elastic as well.

Patriotic Button Headband Step3

This Patriotic Button Headband is great practice for learning to sew-on buttons, a life skill not everyone has learned!

Patriotic Button Headband Final

I used a Patriotic theme, but if your little girl loves to wear headbands, create these decorative hair accessories in a variety of colors and themes to match every outfit.



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