Button Garden Party!

Everywhere you turn flowers are slowly coming up from hibernation to welcome Spring and even though it’s only  March this is my opportunity to take you through our garden to show  you what we have available so you can begin your own Button garden!


from our Favorite Findings…


La Mode, Flower Garden, Wuttons…


And lets not forget our Crafting with Buttons, Organic Elements and Fabric Sensations..

But no matter where you walk-thru even in your favorite craft store,  your greeted with an array of colors, sizes, shapes of flowers which invites you to begin Spring crafting!



So now come and visit our garden… click on the word “garden”  and it will take you to our web site of assorted flowers…

but below is a sampling…


 Felt  Flowers…

550001406 Pretty Posies; 550001407 Brilliant Blooms; 550001408 Garden Gems; 550001409 Festive Flowers


Matt Flowers and Open Petal Flowers…

550000755 Spring Flowers; 550000757 Bright Flowers; 550000284 Daisy; 550000054 Crazy Daisy



Bright Flowers

550000053 Flower Power; 550001392 Funky Mini Flowers; 550001175 Big Blossoms; 550001152 Daisy Dots

and of course every garden needs some

 Ladybugs & Butterflies


550000160 Ladybugs; 550001489 Little Ladies; 550000161 Garden Critters; 550000261 Bee Happy; 550000163 Flutterby; 550001149 Butterfly Dreams (loose)

 Flowers in “Bloom”…


550001549 Yellow Blooms; 550001553 Lime Blooms; 550001550 Pink Blooms; 550001551 Red Blooms (loose); 550001552 Purple Blooms (loose); 550001554 Blue Blooms; 50001556 Midnight Blooms; 550001555 White Blooms

Daisies and Sunflowers…


550000280 Just Daisies; 550000278 Sunny Flowers; 550000279 Sunflower Garden

and lets not forget

Wood Flowers…


that’s wood buttons with flower motifs…

550001572 Petal Pushers; 550001571 Meadow Flowers; 550001573 For the Birds; 550001570 Floral Stampede

Make sure to check out our website for additional styles – there are so many and well we’d be here most of the day… but don’t forget to pair the flower buttons with some solids, polka dot and ombre’ buttons…


My Buttons has a great color combo…remember to click on the link and it will take you to our site for additional colors.


Ombre Buttons will surely have a great color wave to pair with any flower button…


Lastly, our Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons….

550002006 Flowers (bright); 550002064 Pastel Flowers

And with all these buttons – lets get some inspiration seeded!…

From jewelry….

coral enamel necklace flower bangle

flower pendant and necklace

enamel necklace

Ready to wear…

flower shorts


Flower gems

Home-dec to crafting with the kids…felt flower pillow

flower charger

button trees

flower pots

flower pencil toppers

flower pot

Hope I’ve filled your Button Garden with some new inspiration!

Happy Gardening!

Happy Spring!

Happy Crafting!


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