Button Kilt Pin

Rummaging through my old broken jewelry box I found a kilt pin that use to have charms dangling from it – but for some strange reason I can’t seem to part with items that may one day be brought back to life! I keep thinking to myself: Try it — it may work.

So here we go…

kilt pin with buttonsI originally thought a simple Kilt Pin would work – but if the metal loops are soldered then it will not work – unless you have tools that can pry them apart!

For my pin I was able to pry the loops apart to slide my beds and charms onto the pin. I simply cut off the loops from my charms where once dangled the charms. I prepared my work space with all my materials that I will need.

Buttons of assorted sizes and finish (La Mode); glass beads; gold filler beads; jewelry findings; head pins; wire cutter; round nose pliers.

button charm 001

           button charm 002

As you can see when I created this project i wasn’t sure what color scheme I wanted to work with – so,  I made my Button Kilt Pin interchangeable!

to create, begin with creating your bead dangler – refer to the photo for placement. Once you’ve created your stack – slide it onto the head pin. To create your loop I created a step by step photo…

button charm 004        button charm 005

slide your beads onto headpin. Place your head pin stack in between your round nose plier (as shown above).

button charm 009       button charm 010

bend wire away from you. Re-position your tool so it sits on top of the bent portion of your wire.

button charm 011      button charm 012

fold over your wire (towards you) and again re-position your tool.  You can also check out many tutorials on You Tube which shows you how to create this.

button charm 013     button charm 014

with your hand/fingers grab onto wire (or if you wish you can use a flat nose tool) and begin wrapping wire around neck of the loop.  Cut off excess wire.

 button charm 015

here’s a sampling of my combos…

button kilt pin 009

Here’s a better shot of my pin that I de-constructed…although it has some faults I knew I would be able to cover these with the button charms and beads.

To create a button charm – slide the wire through the button hole and follow the same procedure as I did with the beads. To create the Button “dangler” use jump rings to connect.

button kilt pin 013

button kilt pin 007

Remember I mentioned that my Button Kilt Pin was interchangeable. Same Button Charms just created new bead charms…

So get creative – RECYCLE your old jewelry that’s just sitting in that box – you never know what you can create!


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