Button Easter Eggs

Spring has sprung and Easter is just a few weeks away! Time to create, create, create!  So we all know that we did Button Trees, Button Hearts and your right –  it’s time for Button Easter Eggs!

button eggs 003This is surely a fun, easy project to get everyone involved and to empty out that Button Box filled with buttons you had stashed and wondered what to do!  Be creative and mix up the colors – brights, pastel, solid have fun with them.

Materials:  BUTTONS! assorted sizes
FloraCraft -Styrofoam Eggs – I used 3 assorted sizes – ranging from (9 1/2″, 6″ and 2 3/16″)
Assorted colorful headpins; basket; shredded green paper

Button Egg 001     Button Egg 002

above is jus a sampling of the great colors that are available in our Favorite Findings program – bright and festive!

Button Egg 004For my project I used all pastel buttons
Favorite Findings – Big Bag of Buttons #2003 Happy
Favorite Findings – #421 Pastel & #441 Mini Pastel

Button Egg 005

Lay out all your buttons on the table and begin pinning your buttons to the egg with head pins –  (again depending on your project – I coordinated my pins – pink, yellow, white…but that’s just me! If I was doing the brights then I would use assorted bright pins). I like to first do the base of the egg as shown and then I go back and fill and cover the bare spots. If your small children are planning on creating/crafting this project I do suggest adult supervision since they are working with sharp pins!

Button Egg 008

So can you say BUTTON Egg!

Okay so not everyone’s Button egg will look alike – I may have over- buttoned my egg – however you can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH BUTTONS!

Button Egg 014

I could have stopped at just doing one Button Egg and been happy…

But once in the basket…

button eggs 003



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