Button Wall Art Up Up and Away

Are you wondering what to do with your time now that the kids are in school (am I rushing it for the people in the North East)? Well, you too will get that feeling, and I’m probably hearing mumbling at this time! You’re hopefully going to have some down time and it’s always around this time where you’re looking to refresh their rooms or maybe just that one “fun” wall. Better yet, why not get the kids involved? They’ll have fun creating!

BUTTON WALL ART – you’ve seen it – thought about it – now create it!

     Balloons 021 - Copy

Button Balloon Art – how cool would this be to hang in their room? This craft is easy, and it’s a fun group project.  For those who don’t get out to JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores, this was one of their creative idea sheets we created for them…

Here is what you will need:

  • Button Jars – Green, Pink, Blue (or your preference)
  • Assorted Glass Beads to coordinate
  • 3 – 8×10 stretched canvas
  • 3/8″ x 2 1/4″ assorted ribbons
  • Glue adhesive
  • Balloon template/computer/printer
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


  1. Create a balloon template (which you can find on the Internet). Enlarge size to fit canvas.
  2. With your pencil, lightly trace pattern onto canvas.
  3. Begin laying out the 1st layer of buttons — I personally like doing this because then it allows me to adjust as I go along. You can glue as you go along, though — just do whatever is easier for you. Remember to lay buttons over the pencil mark, so it’s not visible.
  4. After gluing the first layer, add buttons as needed to cover some of the gaps.
  5. Add seed beads (refer to photo for placement ideas). For the neck of the button balloon I opted to use seed beads. Allow to dry.
  6. Add ribbon around the edge of canvas.
  7. Add 1 yard of ribbon to the neck of the balloon. Carefully tuck the ribbon under the beads before it dries. Repeat this procedure on the balance of the button balloons.
  8. To hang, stagger the Button Balloon Art for a floating look. Tie ribbon ends together.

Here are some additional options: paint your canvas to coordinate with the balloons – possibly a pale light blue to resemble the sky. You can leave it white and just paint the balloon portion – this then eliminates the need for layering!

                   Balloons 011 - Copy          Balloons 012 - Copy

                   Balloons 014 - Copy          Balloons 013 - Copy

                   Balloons 025 - Copy          Balloons 005 - Copy

                  Balloons 008 - Copy                  Balloons 024 - Copy           Balloons 006 - Copy

                  Balloons 007 - Copy          Balloons 003 - Copy

Have fun with the project!

Balloons 026 - Copy

Button Balloon Art!

Up, Up and Away….

happy crafting!

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