Button Embellished T-Shirt Craft

For those who don’t get the opportunity to go to a JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store in the area, several months ago we created a How-to-Sheet for creating a button embellished t-shirt craft several different ways…

Must say this was a fun project and actually very easy –  once you decide which pattern you’d like to work with, but WHICH ONE?

Today I’ll show you the different variations we came up with using these fun buttons and some additional embellishments…

How to make a Button Embellished T-shirt

Materials for your project:

Directions: Determine your design by laying out your buttons on the shirt.  Once you’ve determined your design, stitch and knot each button (you’re thinking why knot after each – trust me when I used the black embroidery floss you don’t want it to show through the shirt!   To make the stitching easier, I dabbed a small amount of Fabric Glue to the buttons and let dry before I began stitching.  Add beads – remember to cluster them and mix colors as you go along (remember to knot after each cluster).

Easy?  Here are the different versions I came up with and they all work, depending on what look you want to achieve! Have fun with it…


               DSC_1535         DSC_1537

                                JAS Inspiration tshirt 002B     JAS Inspiration tshirt 002A

                                             JAS Inspiration tshirt 002

Just by adding additional  buttons,  the look of the tee shirt changes. Again adding some gems dressed it up).


                 DSC_1551     DSC_1550

Have fun with the details by adding chains, which you can find in the jewelry department of JoAnn or any craft store.

                           JAS Inspiration tshirt 007A      JAS Inspiration tshirt 007

just by adding additional buttons you’ve already changed the look and by staggering the buttons. This is before I added the black chain!

                         JAS Inspiration tshirt 005A     JAS Inspiration tshirt 005

                         JAS Inspiration tshirt 006A     JAS Inspiration tshirt 006

Some additional layout options…

                   JAS Inspiration tshirt 004    JAS Inspiration tshirt 003

The next two layouts go back to the first photo featured – just by changing the amount of buttons you achieve a new look.

                    JAS Inspiration tshirt 001A      JAS Inspiration tshirt 001


and by adding additional embellishments…You’ve created your own personalized look!

The possibilities are endless only you can determine the look you want.

Have fun creating!

Happy Crafting.

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