Button Wire Flowers…You Can Create

As promised here is the tutorial…step by step…on how to create your own Button Wire Flowers!


Materials Needed:  BUTTONS! (I used Favorite Findings Big Value Bags – flowers, solids) check your favorite craft and hobby store for your “favorites”!

Seed Beads; Wire – cut to approx 18″*;  Rice (not cooked)*; vintage salt & pepper shakers (one to keep and one to give away)!

*now you can substitute the rice for either sand, glitter, beads, beans (not cooked)! your choice.

*on the wire you can also use “fun” wire which come in assorted colors …(your choice). 

Step 1:  locate your wire which is already pre-cut to 18″ (I recommend that you use either a 22 or 24 gauge wire) you don’t want your flowers drooping! Bend in half creating a U-shape (as shown below) 

Step 2:  next you will slide 3 seed beads onto the wire and let them rest on “U” or middle (see below) 

Step 3 and 4here we go now…starting with your “smallest”  BUTTON you will slide the wire through  the button holes (if you are using a 4-hole then make sure to insert diagonally across) Hint: it may be easier to stack your buttons prior to wiring – you will see what your combo looks like.  Also, I don’t suggest you stack more than 4 buttons onto the wire it may become weighty…

Step 5 & 6at this point you have 4 buttons on your wire – slide then all the way down to the U-shape your beads will lay ontop as shown in photo below. you may have to adjust your wire slightly but you don’t want to have wire showing between the beads and buttons! 

Step 7: okay looks good? now hold your button stack and wire and give on good twist to secure.

Step 8: Now – your going to take your seed bead and slide in on one wire and then take another and slide it on the other.. (they will nestle underneath each other) give it one or two twists. 

Keep repeating this step approximately half way down your wire.  

So now continue creating your button flowers you can make as many or less depending on the size of your shaker holes…another thing to remember when creating your button wire flowers is to measure as you go along you may want to stager the beads at the end to give it height variations…

so more or less this is what my Button Wire Flowers will look like…there is no right or wrong when doing you color combos! 

Okay now take your flowers and insert them into the shaker holes…  

So there you have it! now what are you waiting for? go CREATE!

One more thing I would like to say many of you may remember we created potted flowers on several of our projects and shows –  just substitute the shakers for small clay pots, tins and insert styrofoam inside then add some decorative grass and now you have “potted button flowers”. 

Note: Many of our projects are inspired from many sources…whether it be by other crafters, photos, Ebay, Etsy and Pinterest, magazines, store windows or just a walk outside… So if you see something of interest that would look great to create with BUTTONS share it! We would love to see it!


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