Camp Bluebird

During my Michaels Crafting Cruise (October 2011) I met many lovely ladies.  I was fortunate to meet a young lady Lottie Lovelace who volunteers for Camp Bluebird and asked if we would donate buttons so the ladies at Camp Bluebird can create these Button Pendants!

Sandra Atherton provided me with some information:  Camp Bluebird is a camp for adult cancer patients in the West Tennessee area.  Every May and October the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation and AT&T Pioneers host a three day camp.  Camp Bluebird is a time of fellowship, activities and positive spiritual experience.  The camp is the result of hundreds of volunteers. Many of the volunteers are cancer survivors themselves.  Each camp has approximately 70-80 “campers” that are either cancer survivors, receiving treatment or experiencing the end of stages of cancer. 

When Lottie spoke to me during the cruise she knew the ladies would enjoy creating the Stackable Pendants we created on the cruise.  Blumenthal Lansing donated to Camp Bluebird the Loops & Thread Stackable buttons!  From looking at the photos of these beautiful ladies below, indeed they  had a wonderful time creating their own pendants.   

This is Lottie – wearing her creation! (visit my blog – I actually have photos of Lottie after she created her Button Pendant during the cruise – November 2011 blog – Michaels Cruise part 2). 

Here – this young gentleman demonstrates how to drill a hole in the button for the jump ring and the drop button…


Waiting patiently for her turn to create and smiling all the way!


TOOOO many choices!


Great job Lottie!

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful photos provided by Randy O’Daniel.  We thank you for sharing your event with us and all our crafters!

For your “Stackable” Buttons visit your favorite craft & hobby store!



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