Buttons & Felt = Cell Phone Cases

It’s way toooo HOT to go outside (atleast on the east coast)! But it’s summer and we’ll all be complaining shortly how quickly it went by, so how about some crafty button projects indoors if you can’t stand the heat! With Fall just around the corner and several degrees cooler it’s time for a new case for your cell phone.  Here I’ll show you how to make a case using buttons & felt.

Felt Cell Phone Case 007

Create your own buttons & felt cell phone case

Materials needed: BUTTONS…

felt cell phone            felt cell phone 002

  • Black Case:  Favorite Findings #1196 – MIni Fun
  • Colors: red, carnation, yellow, orange, lime, grass, turquoise and purple
  • Off White (cream): Favorite Findings Felt Bag of Buttons – #2036 Fresh Flowers; Favorite Findings #1403 Waves; #1404 Bold
  • Felt – Black and Off White (cream) 9 x 12 sheet
  • Embroidery Floss – assorted colors
  • Scissors & straight pin

Felt Cell Phone Case 001

1.  Fold your felt in half. ( this will be enough to create two felt cases). Measure and cut 6 H x 3 1/2 ” W. Trim off any excess at this point – remember iphones depending on the model will vary in length…

Felt Cell Phone Case 004        Felt Cell Phone Case 005

2.  Layout your design and shoot with your camera so you can refer to it when you forget!  I added a straight pin to the bottom of my fold – this helps me so that I know where/how close I can stitch to the fold (I’ll remove this once I’m done stitching my buttons on).

Felt Cell Phone Case 006

3.  Begin sewing/stitiching your buttons onto the felt. Add some decorative stitches – I love french knots so that you’ll see those on both cases.  You can also watch some “You Tube” videos they have some great tutorials if you’re not sure how to stitch…

4.  Once all your buttons are on you are ready to “blanket stitch the edges”.  I used 1 – thread from each color creating 6 strands for the black case.

Felt Cell Phone Case 013                 Felt Cell Phone Case 009

Have fun with the stitching and placement – there is no right or wrong – it’s your design! What I love about the off white case is that these are actual FELT BUTTONS check them out we carry flower shapes – button shapes…endless possibilites!

Felt Cell Phone Case 014         Felt Cell Phone Case 011

Remember to bring the blanket stitch ALL the way around the edges…

Felt Cell Phone Case 010              Felt Cell Phone Case 015

Felt Cell Phone Case 016

Now that you’ve created your cases –  you can create more cases or go outside into the HEAT! Yeah I’m staying inside too!



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