Wire Button Tree Sculpture…

I can now cross off another project off my “can I make this” list of projects from my Pinterest Page!  It’s a little bit of whimsy button art. I’ve seen these wire button tree sculptures everywhere and needed to attempt to create my own. Easy? just a bit – it’s alot of twisting of wire but the outcome will make you smile!

Misc 010So lets begin with the basics, MATERIALS:
NEW Favorite Findings Assorted Flower Buttons
24 guage wire; wire cutters; small spool of thread

Wire Button Tree 002

Our NEW Favorite Findings Blooms Buttons come in an assortment of colors – Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple, Lime, White, Midnight and Blue

Wire Button Tree 0031. Pre-cut your wire to 24 inches in length. for this project you will need 16 pieces of wire and 16 buttons.

Wire Button Tree 005     Wire Button Tree 008

2. you will fold/bend  your wire in half and slide the wire thru the button holes (2 holes) and begin twisting (all the way down).

Wire Button Tree 007

You will repeat this step another 15 times!

Wire Button Tree 009

3.  Once you’ve twisted all your stems, you will separate them into 5 groups : 4 groups will have 3 stems each, and one group will have 4 (this will be your center group. See photo below…

Wire Button Tree 0104.   Working with your group of 4 stems – stagger these stems and begin twisting….don’t attempt to form your stems you have some more twising to do!

Wire Button Tree 011

Repeat the above step to the remaing four groups of three stems.

             Wire Button Tree 012            Wire Button Tree 013

As you can see from the photo above you will now add your remaining groups to the center wire by twisting each group (remember to lower each group as you go along). This may get a bit difficult to twist since the wires are getting thicker – however be careful there may be wires sticking out you may want to press those into the wire with a flat nose wire.

Wire Button Tree 014

So at this point you should have something that resembles the above (maybe even better!).  You may want to trim off some of the wire from the bottom so that everything is even…

Wire Button Tree 015

Discard all the excess wire.

Now you’re ready to free form/”sculpt”  your branches…bend some up, some down…Happy? Good…

Locate the small spool of thread and insert into the center hole (you may need to cut additional wire from the bottom so it’s not too top heavy).

Wire Button Tree 016

and there you go…you are now an owner of your own “Button Tree”!

Here is  the original Wire Tree that I saw on Pinterest! this tree was designed by kitch & curious…

wire tree from pinterest

Wire Button Tree 017

Happy Crafting!

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