CHA 2011 LA – Catching Up!

I know everyone has posted their insights on CHA 2011 and I’m catching up with getting everything organized and getting out of the slump that “bronchittis” can do to you. 

I’m  finally back home and at work and have put all my photos together and I’m ready to share with you our GREAT booth that we – Blumenthal Lansing had this year. 

The second day of the show our MTK we made headbands. Kim Ballor demonstrated and taught everyone who joined her MTK how to make a  button rosette headbands which featured our newest button from The Collection by La Mode.  Beautiful crystal, enamel, pearl, glass and beaded buttons.  Lets talk “bling”.    (unfortunately I don’t have any photos of our MTK that were done at the show – i was under the weather that day and fighting with bronchittis).  I will however share with you several of our booth photos with projects.


Looking to add some bling to those boring shoes – why not add some “bling”.  Or how about taking that simple black dress and adding some fabric flowers and and “bling”. It’s all about adding SPICE to your wardrobe. Hopefully this had given you some ideas for your next function!

We can’t forget our “young ins” (if that’s a word).  We had a little bit of everything at the show.  We had fun with this group:  Boutique Appliques and Sweet Treats. 


How cool are these projects!  Don’t worry our website will be featuring all projects with instructions soon! Boutique Appliques has been updated to include NEW flowers, hearts, cupcakes, rock n’ roll collection just to name a few. 

SWEET TREATS Buttons- A Blending of Sweetness and Creativity!  This cute, whimsical group of buttons added to your party theme will have people thinking are these really buttons?  Mix with frames, hair accessories, paper – have fun! 

Here is a sneak peak of the book bag embellished with New Boutique Appliques – Cool!

Next featured item was the 8 NEW Big Bags of Buttons – Hearts, Numbers, Alphabet, Shapes, Felt shapes in assorteed color waves.  Looking to spice up an old drab window? check out our display – maybe you can come with some great decorating ideas/projects.


I honestly had fun working with this NEW group of Favorite Findings Buttons.  SPARKLY projects to be found everywhere!  Internal and external glitter buttons – let your imagination fly and with this group of buttons we did.  Any little girl (who am I kidding – and adult) remembers the “ballerina” in us!


Here’s FLOWER GARDEN  – a marriage of bold and sweet. Bringing sweetness and beauty to your craft project! Endless possibilities!



I promise to all our crafters, the instructions and photos of our projects will be featured on our website.  I will give you a heads up so that you can go and create YOUR project!

So as the show came to an end it was time to pack all our product away and say we did all a GREAT job. 

To everyone who contributed – a big THANK YOU for all the hard work you all did!



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