With only several days away I thought I better hurry and post a Valentine project for you all!  This one is especially special to me since it features my mother and father (my fathers only one true love!).

I started with a simple $1.00 frame, 1 sheet of Valentine scrapbook paper and other miscellaneous items I’ve  purchased at Michaels Craft Stores at one time or another.  This project is actually featured on Michaels website also.

Materials: 1 button card Loops & Thread 1 3/4″
              Wood Frame Heart Shape
              Off white Satin Ribbon, Red Organza Ribbon, Narrow Red Velvet Ribbon
              Scrapbook paper, Paper Adhesivel Hot glue, glue, Brown Ink Pad, Red Rhinestone, Stencil   
             Brush, cissors, pencil

Lay frame on paper, trace and cut out.  Adhere to frame with paper adhesive.  Run edges with a brown ink pad to give it an aged look.  To further age the frame, apply ink to paper with stencil brush in a circular motion. Glue velvet riboon around frame.  Trim end of ribbon.  Tie bows with wide ribbons. glue bows to center top of frame.  Glue button to center of bow. Glue rhinestones to button and on paper. 



So get out there and start crafting and creating your one of a kind frames!

Happy Valentines Day!  Happy Crafting!

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