Christmas Button Garland

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: time for some Christmas decorating! This Christmas Button Garland is a simple project that you can create while curled-up watching your favorite holiday movies. You just need some wired twine or narrow ribbon and a lot of buttons that match your Christmas decorations. The wired twine is great if you have rustic Christmas decorations. The wire also allows you to wrap sections of the garland around tree branches to hold the garland in place.

Christmas Button Garland Branch

To make this Christmas Button Garland, you will need the following materials:

Buttons in your selected color theme – our Button Jars work well for this

Narrow Ribbon, 1/4 or 1/8 inch wide

Or Wired Twine

Scissors or Wire Cutters

Embroidery Needle (if using ribbon)

Christmas Button Garland Materials

These garlands work best when you create them in shorter sections, about 18 inches each. Cut the ribbon or wired twine into 18 inch pieces. At one end, twist the twine or knot the ribbon to create a loop that you can use for hanging. This also prevents the buttons from sliding off the end.

Christmas Button Garland Step 1

Start threading the buttons onto the twine or ribbon. If you are using ribbon, thread the ribbon through the needle first, then add the buttons. Try stacking the buttons to change up the color order. The buttons will spin on the ribbon due to the weight once you hang the garland.

Christmas Button Garland Step 2

As you approach the end with the buttons, leave a few inches to create another loop. You can hook the loops together to create a longer length of garland.

Christmas Button Garland Final

Use this festive garland to decorate a tree or wrap around a wreath. Try adding it to a centerpiece. These Christmas Button Garlands are also a great way to decorate your wrapped packages! Buttons are a cute replacement for bows when you are shipping packages – they don’t get crushed!

Christmas Button Garland Packages

Get the family involved in making these garlands – they are easy and fun to make!


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