Country Button Tree Ornament

Tis the season – and what are we all waiting for…is there ever enough time in the day to get everything done? Thanksgiving came and went in a blink of an eye or should I say in a gobble! It’s the already December 3 and I need to start hussling and bussling to get all my Christmas button inspirations out to you so you can see how easy it is to create some wonderful projects for the holiday whether for yourself or as gifts.

Today it’s all about the Country Button Tree Ornament. This button tree was created for a Craft Fair we participated many years ago and it’s still brought out and hung on our tree and brings back memories of once ago and I’m going to recreate it for you today…

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Materials: Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons #2009
Assorted green fabric
Tree template (do a search on the internet)
Cinnamon sticks (I used scented)
Scissors; pencil; red floss; needle; glue; poly-fil

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Once you find the right template print it and make extra copies for next year! ( I usually like saving one or two sheets for future use) With your scissors cut the template out. Fold fabric in half…

     tree blog 007     tree blog 008
Trace template onto to the reverse side of the fabric. You will need two pieces of fabric. I used straight pins to hold my fabric together when I’m cutting.
      tree blog 009          tree blog 010
tree blog 011
 The above shows you two sizes that I’ve pre-cut already (didn’t want you to think my pinning was totally off!) 
Next step: I like to lay out my buttons to see how it will look…
tree blog 012      tree blog 013
to help you remember you can shoot a picture with camera and refer to placement. Using needle and thread stitch buttons onto fabric.
tree blog 014
 Next: you will lay your fabric ontop of your other piece and stitch together (you can do a blanket stitch if you’d like – I did a simple running stitch).
          tree blog 084        tree blog 085
once you get to the bottom of the tree stop half way and now you’re going to insert your cinnamon stick about 1 1/2 in for the tree stump. I used glue on the back of the cinnamon stick to add additional support. Continue stitching until you get 3/4 complete. 
tree blog 086
Rready to stuff your tree!  Using your poly-fill (you don’t need a lot enough to give it some cushion/padding/pouffness).
     tree blog 094     tree blog 088
Once filled continue stitching until you reach the tip of the button tree. Every tree needs a Button Star – our Favorite Findings Twinkle Twinkle #484 is just the right button. Add create a loop and snip off excess thread.
tree blog 089     tree blog 090
tree blog 091
This is the back of the button tree – I left my blank however you can add buttons also (there is no right or wrong!). 
There are many ways to do this tree…if you look at my original photo one tree is stitched and the other is glued – if you’re working with younger children the I suggest that you gluing may be an alternative way of creating this button tree (just remember to cover your surface when working with glue and let it dry before gluing the edges).
tree blog 096
tree blog 097
tree blog 098
 What are you waiting for get stitching! There’s a tree waiting to be decorated with Country Button Trees!
 Happy Holidays!
Happy Crafting!

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