Create a Decoden Case using Buttons!

There has been a lot of cell phone embellishing going on – many you may have seen it those “decoden” phone cases that seem as though they were made at bakery! Others are using jewels, paints, beads and a lot of Hello Kitty. These inspired me to put together some ideas that you can make at home using our buttons. You won’t have to go searching for the perfect match you can find it all right in the button aisle!!

First I wanted to create something similar to those decoden phone cases so I started out with our Sweet Treats buttons. Then I found some pinks and whites from our La Mode line to go with it. Of course I used a shank remover before applying them and some polka dot duck tape to give it color in the background. You can watch the video of me creating this case to see just how I did it!





These are the buttons I used:

Sweet Treats buttons
Cupcakes with pink icing – #2669
Swirl Lollipop – #2672
Big Cupcake – #2663

La Mode Buttons
Pearls and Whites:
#4614, #4612, #46859 and #46898

#420001, #41335, #41329 and #41793

I also wanted to do something bright and colorful because Spring is on it’s way after all! I put together Colors Favorite Findings and some Flower Garden buttons to make an awesome rainbow-inspired phone case!


These are the buttons I chose:



I used Colors Favorite Findings
#1, #5, #8, #9, #10, #14 and #20

Flower Garden
Yellow #4817, Orange #4814 and Red #4803

And now for a almost cute but dark case idea… I used red and black Favorite Findings in the back with the Rock Star set on top.


The buttons I chose for this case:



Favorite Findings
Rock Star – #550001400
Red – #550000403
Black – #550000401

And of course don’t forget to use our Shank Remover Tool!


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