Jumping on the Button Wagon

It seems everywhere you turn everyone is embellishing their cell phone cases and well I thought I’d better jump on the Button wagon! As you can see from the previous post Cricket has completed 3 of her own and what great ideas and well you know I wanted to see for myself…

The trend is called “Decoden” – originated from Japan – “deco” being short for decorated and “den” short for phone – “denwa”. The base is like a “faux” icing and then your embellishing the top from beads, gems, BUTTONS, miniatures such as candy, desserts…you name it! When I say faux icing many people have used “caulking” which you can get from the hardware store.  Believe me from what I’ve seen this is not just for phones – it’s showing up on fingernails, boxes, e-readers you name it. But that’s the fun of it!

Although I personally have not tried the technique above – I took a simpler route “glue”… So here is my very simple, but bright, colorful cell phone case!

quilt market 2013 059

Materials:  BUTTONS – Favorite Findings, Colors by Favorite Findings, La Mode, LaPetite; seed beads; plastic cell phone case; glue (I used E6000); dimensional glue; wooden craft stick; sandpapercell phone 001

I actually lightly sanded my cell phone case so that the glue would adhere better (you don’t have to this is just an option).  Next step as you see below I laid out my buttons to give me a concept of what it will look like:

cell phone 007     cell phone 010

And from there I “schmeared” (not sure if that’s a word but it works and you know exactly what I’m talking about!) my glue using a wooden craft stick and started placing my buttons downs – there was no rhyme or reason. As you can see from the photo on the left it does look different – but at the end it all fit!  Next step I used was Dimensional Glue…you’ll see why…

quilt market 2013 057     cell phone 004

Many of you right now are saying “are you kidding”? It actually went quicker than I thought – wherever there was a space I filled it with seed beads! This was just a bit tedious but the end result..let it dry for several hours before using!

Don’t forget to do the sides and careful not to obstruct the photo lens.

cell phone 013     quilt market 2013 058

cell phone 011

Have fun with the project – we have such a great selection of themed buttons – flowers, rock theme, Sweet Treats (as in Crickets blog), fun bright colors. Check out some of our Favorite Findings – I’m thinking maybe gems – give my next one the “bling” look! Why not invite some friends over and see what each one creates – it’s endless. And don’t forget to share your ideas with all of us on facebook!

Happy Crafting!

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