Crystal Button Sash

Holiday party season has arrived! It’s time to starting planning fun and festive outfits. This Crystal Button Sash adds a touch of glamour to your skirt or dress. Crystal buttons are an easy way to add a little bling to your favorite jacket, skirt or blouse. You can replace existing buttons or just add them as accents around a cuff, a pocket, or a neckline.

crystal button sash beauty

To make this Crystal Button Sash you will need the following materials:

La Petite 5/8 Inch Crystal Buttons 561100078, 35 Buttons

La Petite 9/16 Inch Crystal Buttons 561100077, 6 buttons

Offray Double Face Satin Ribbon, 1-1/2 Inch Wide, Oyster

Matching Thread




Ruler and Measuring Tape

crystal button sash materials

To begin, measure your waist. Next, cut a length of ribbon three times your waist size.

crystal button sash step 1

Fold the ribbon in half length-wise to find the center starting point. Use a ruler and pencil to mark the center of the ribbon width.

crystal button sash step 2

Follow this layout for button placement or create your own design.

crystal button sash template

Position the first button over the pencil marking. Attach with matching thread.

crystal button sash step 3

Complete the first row by adding the remaining buttons.

crystal button sash step 4

Continue attaching the buttons as shown to complete the design. Trim the ribbon ends to desired length.

crystal button sash step 5

crystal button sash final

Add your Crystal Button Sash to a simple skirt for an upcoming holiday party. It changes the look of an outfit in an instant! Our button choice and layout are just a suggestion. Get creative and make this sash unique to your sense of style. Create a similar look for your hair by using narrow ribbon and smaller buttons. Tie the ribbon in your hair as a headband. Or tie it around your wrist.

There are so many ways to use fancy buttons and ribbon to change-up the look of your wardrobe!

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays!!

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