Button Embellished Socks

Looking for a fashion-forward way to incorporate buttons into your wardrobe? Try these Button Embellished Socks! Pair them with your favorite heels and look like you stepped straight out of a magazine. We used shorter socks, but you can also try this with knee socks. Just have a few more embellishments on hand.

button embellished socks beauty

To make these Button Embellished Socks you will need the following materials:

Offray Ribbon Accessories

La Mode 1/2 Inch Crystal Buttons 200004622A

La Mode 3/4 Inch Crystal Gold Flower Buttons 400047234A

La Mode 5/8 Inch Crystal Buttons 400047172

La Mode 3/8 Inch White Agoya Shell Buttons 400048199A

La Mode 1/2 Inch White Heart Agoya Shell Buttons 400046781

La Mode 1 Inch White Flower Buttons 400048178A

La Mode 9/16 Inch White Flower Buttons 400049224A

La Mode 1/2 Inch Pink Flower Buttons 400041350

Bliss 3/4 Inch Crystal Petals Buttons 340000008A

Coordinating Thread and Needle



button embellished socks materials

To begin, try on the socks with the shoes you plan to wear. Make note of where the shoes and straps cover the socks. You’ll want to avoid attaching anything in those areas. Next, open a sock to the front and lay out your design. Experiment with different placements of the buttons and ribbon accessories. We used a random placement and added some smaller buttons on top of the foot for some extra sparkle.

button embellished socks step 1

Using the needle and thread, begin sewing on the buttons and accessories following your layout. Copy the layout onto the other sock. For this project, sewing the embellishments works better than gluing them. Be sure to hand wash and air dry your gorgeous socks to keep all the embellishments in great shape.

button embellished socks step 2

These socks also make great gifts for your girlfriends. Consider embellishing only the areas near the top of the sock so they can wear them with any shoes.

button embellished socks final

Happy Crafting!!

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