Felt and Button Mushrooms

Felt adds great texture to different craft projects. We used felt and embellished it with some buttons to create these Felt and Button Mushrooms. Vary the sizes and use them as decorations. You can use smaller versions to decorate place settings for a spring luncheon. Make larger versions to put on wrapped packages or in shadow box frames to hang on the wall.

felt and button mushrooms beauty

To make these Felt and Button Mushrooms you will need the following materials:

Variety of Blumenthal Buttons, small

Felt in various colors for the tops and cream for stems

Needle and Coordinating Embroidery Thread

Poly Stuffing




Straight Pins

felt and button mushrooms materials

To begin, make a paper pattern for mushroom top and stem. You can sketch out your own shapes or find a shape you like online. Cut out the pattern and cut the stem separate from the top. Fold a cream piece of felt in half and pin the stem pattern to the felt. Cut out around the pattern to create two stem pieces. Repeat this process for the top of the mushroom using the desired color felt for the top. You should have two stem pieces and two top pieces for each mushroom you want to make.

felt and button mushrooms step 1

Thread the needle and sew a few buttons to one piece of a mushroom top. Next, with two stems together, sew along the edges in a blanket stitch. Before you get to the end, add stuffing and finish sewing.

felt and button mushrooms step 2

With the mushroom tops together, sew along the edge leaving a space at the base to insert the stem. Add some stuffing to the top, insert the top of the stem and sew closed.

felt and button mushrooms step 3

felt and button mushrooms final

You can use these to decorate a package. Try adding a ribbon to hang the mushrooms from a decorated embroidery hoop to create a mobile. These little felt and button mushrooms would make cute accents to a woodland-themed nursery. Let us know how you would use them!

Happy Crafting!

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