Button Gift Tags

If you love creating beautiful wrapped packages, try adding these Button Gift Tags for an extra special touch. For this project, we used French script letters to create a romantic look for Valentine’s Day. These gift tags work well with pretty floral gift wrap. Choose buttons that work with your color theme. Select a variety of materials, including metallic and shell buttons. These are nice to pair with floral and script patterns.

Button Gift Tags Beauty 1

To make these Button Gift Tags you will need the following materials:

Variety of Blumenthal Buttons, Vintage looking

Offray Ribbon, 5/8”,  in your color choice

Small silk or paper flowers

Card Stock, light colors

Print outs of vintage French letters

Needle and thread (or glue)




Hole Punch (we used a heart shape)

Button Gift Tags Materials

To begin, find out some french love letters online. Lay them out in a document on your computer. Four on a page works well to keep them small. You aren’t trying to fit them exactly to the tag size but want to show enough of the pretty lettering. Print them out onto your card stock.

Using a ruler and pencil, measure the tags out to about 3” by 5”. You can adjust the size if you have really small or large gifts to wrap. Cut out your tags. Cut the top corners at an angle, about ½”.

Cut an 8” piece of ribbon for each tag. Punch out a hole near the top. Fold the ribbon in half, place the loop through the hole. Feed the ends of the ribbon through the loop and pull tightly to attach the ribbon to the gift tag.

Button Gift Tags Step 1

Lay out the flowers and buttons in a design you like. Sew or glue them into place. Use the back of the tag to write your message.

Button Gift Tags Step 2

Button Gift Tags Final 1

Add ribbon to your wrapped packages and tie your pretty Button Gift Tags to the ribbon. These personalized tags will make your gift feel even more special!

Button Gift Tags Beauty 2


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