Felt Button Heart Ornament

Well why not create a Button Heart Ornament this time of year? Who says Hearts are only for Valentine’s (okay, okay I hear you) but – you’re creating a keepsake that will last for all seasons, holidays…

So get your materials and lets get started:


Assorted size LaMode, lapetite, Favorite Finding Buttons
Red 9 x 12 Felt
1/4″ micro check red ribbon
red embroidery floss/needle
heart template, pencil or marker
stuffing (I used cotton balls)

Trace and cut two (2) hearts

Since I want the emphasis to be on the buttons I selected red embroidery floss for my blanket stitch.  I also used only 3 strands of floss (there are a total of 6) – however you can use white, pink will work just as well. Start on one side go half way and stop. At this point locate your ribbon and cut approximately 8 inches. You will place your ribbon inside your heart as shown – remember to fold in half so the loop is on the top!

Now you can fold back  and continue your blanket stitch – remember to leave an opening for the stuffing…I actually used cotton balls for my stuffing (it’s all I had available at the current time and it worked!)

remember not to “overstuff” distribute the stuffing evenly – you don’t want a lumpy heart! Complete stitching and knot neatly.

My next step is to sew the buttons on – you can do this which ever way works for you. I found that if I stitch prior to sandwiching the 2 hearts together – one heart is always a tad smaller. I know the easy solution is to trim the excess…

I chose white buttons you may use a varitey of colors it’s your heart!

there is no rhyme or reason – use 2 or 4 hole in assorted sizes.  Keep going until you’ve achieved the look you want.

Almost done!

Just when you thought you were done –  I added a small heart onto the back of my felt heart…

It’s just a small suprise when they turn it around!

Remember to have fun with it – pick colors you’d least expect – hot pink with lime, purple! No matter what you created it was made it with love, by you!



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