Flower Fascinator

The Royal Wedding is only a month away. If you are planning a Royal Wedding watch party, get into the spirit by dressing up and creating this Flower Fascinator. It is so simple to make – no bow-tying skills are required! Begin with a single silk flower and select wide sheer ribbon in a coordinating color. Use an oversized crystal button to add a little bling. We created a neutral fascinator but don’t be afraid to make bold color choices to reflect your style!


Flower Fascinator Beauty Frame

To make this Flower Fascinator you will need the following materials:

1-1/2 Inch Crystal Burst Shank Button 340000003A

1-1/2 Inch Wide Offray Simply Sheer Asiana Ribbon in Champagne

Silk Flower

Needle and Coordinating Thread

Felt Square in a Coordinating Color

Metal Headband


Glue Gun

Flower Fascinator Materials

To begin, remove the stem and stamen of the flower. Use the thread and needle to sew the Crystal Burst button to the center of the flower.

Flower Fascinator Step 1

Next, measure the diameter of the flower. Add 2 inches to that measurement and multiply by seven. Cut a piece of ribbon to this length. Fold the ribbon back and forth on itself to create 6 loops. Stitch across the center using the thread and needle. Be careful to stitch only a few stitches in the center, away from the edges.

Trim notches from the edges to the center seam as shown.

Flower Fascinator Step 2

Pull apart the loops and twist to create a full bow. Stitch the loops in place. If you prefer a fuller bow, use more ribbon and create more loops.

Flower Fascinator Step 3

Using the hot glue gun, attach the flower to the bow. Glue onto the headband. Cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than the flower. Glue it to the back of the flower with the headband in between the felt and the flower.

Flower Fascinator Final

Flower Fascinator Beauty

We would love to see what you create! Share your project photos on Instagram with the hashtag #RoyalWeddingDIY.

Happy Crafting!!

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