Infinity Fascinator

Here is another pretty Infinity Fascinator to create in preparation for your Royal Wedding watch party. You can change the look of this by using a different width of ribbon or more infinity loops. You can also add more sparkle with additional buttons. If you decide to go bigger, use a piece of felt underneath to help stabilize the ribbon loops.

Infinity Fascinator Beauty Frame

To make this Infinity Fascinator you will need the following materials:

3/4 Inch Crystal Rhinestone Button 400048103

5/8 Inch Wide Offray Double Face Satin Ribbon in Four Colors (we used Hot Pink, Light Pink, Lemon and Living Coral)

Metal Headband

Needle and Coordinating Thread

Ruler or Measuring Tape


Glue Gun

Coordinating Felt Square (optional)

Infinity Fascinator Materials

Begin by cutting the ribbon. Cut a 16 inch piece of the hot pink ribbon, a 15 inch piece of light pink, a 14 inch piece of lemon, and a 13 inch piece of living coral.

Form a figure eight with each piece of ribbon. Make each one a little bigger than the previous. Use the thread and needle to tack ribbon in place to hold the shape.

Infinity Fascinator Step 1

Stack the figure eights, starting with the smallest and ending with the largest on top. Using the thread and needle, stitch the ribbons together and sew the crystal button to the center. Trim any loose thread ends.

Infinity Fascinator Step 2

Next, select a ribbon color for the headband. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap the headband completely. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the metal headband, overlapping as you go. Secure the ends with the glue gun.

Infinity Fascinator Step 3

Attach the infinity ribbon piece to the headband using the glue gun. Add a piece of felt to the back if you need to keep the ribbon in place.

Infinity Fascinator Step 4

Infinity Fascinator Final

We would love to see what you create! Share your project photos on Instagram with the hashtag  #RoyalWeddingDIY.

Happy Crafting!!

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