Holiday Wristlet

Add some sparkle and glamour to your wardrobe with this Holiday Wristlet. For this project, we took a plain velvet wristlet and embellished it with a variety of coordinating solid color and crystal buttons. This is a great way to update an older fabric wristlet you already have.

holiday wristlet beauty 2

To make this Holiday Wristlet you will need the following materials:

Variety of Green and Green Crystal Buttons

The Button Artist, Buttons and Beads Amazon 100005826A

Bliss, 3/4” Crystal Petals Buttons 340000008A

La Mode, 5/8” Iridescent Green Buttons 400034559A

La Mode, 3/4” Iridescent Green Buttons 400034560A

La Mode , 5/8” Crystal Buttons 200004623A

La Mode , 9/16” Crystal Buttons 400048174

9/16” Rectangle Crystal Buttons 561100077

Purchased Green Velvet Wristlet (ours is approximately 5 by 10 inches)

Matching Thread

Hand Sewing Needle


White Card Stock or Paper


holiday wristlet materials

To begin, you will create a template. This allows you to adjust the layout of your buttons before you attach them. Lay the wristlet flat on a piece of white card stock or paper. Use a pencil to trace around the outer edges of the wristlet.

holiday wristlet step 1

Starting with the largest buttons first, position the buttons on the template. Create small clusters of buttons. As you add more buttons, the clusters will merge together. Use a variety of button sizes, types and colors to add texture. Once you have a design you like, you can start sewing!

holiday wristlet step 2

holiday wristlet step 3

Transfer one button at a time to the wristlet. Use a matching thread to hand sew each button into place. Overlap the buttons as you work.

holiday wristlet final

holiday wristlet beauty

There are so many options when it comes to decorating your Holiday Wristlet. Create a center medallion, cover an entire flap, or add buttons to the edges only. The options are endless. You can create a design that’s unique to you!

Happy Crafting!!

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