Keepsake Box

Create this beautiful embellished Keepsake Box to store all your lovely treasures! This box also makes a pretty hostess gift. Line it with parchment paper and fill with homemade baked goodies to take to a holiday party.

keepsake box final

To make this Keepsake Box you will need the following materials:

La Mode, 3/8” White Shell Buttons 400048199A

La Mode, 7/8” White Shell Buttons 400046793A

Paperback Book

Round Box

White Card Stock

Hot Glue Gun



keepsake box materials

Trace multiple circles onto the card stock and cut the out. These will be used as the backs of the rosettes. Tear out multiple pages from a discarded paperback book. Cut multiple 2 inch, 1-1/2 inch, and 1 inch strips of paper. Paperback books are approximately 6-3/4 inches long and that is the length you will need to make the rosettes.

For the 2 inch rosettes you will need double that length so glue two strips together lengthwise to make the largest rosette.

Take paper strips and fold the end over 1/4 inch and then fold the paper like an accordion back and forth, alternating sides. To make the rosettes, lay the accordion folded paper on table and bring one end around and glue to the other end to make a circle. Hold the center down and glue a round disk to the center of the rosette. Repeat this to make all your rosettes.

Once they have dried, turn the rosettes over. Place a button in the center of each rosette and glue down.

keepsake box step 1

Place the larger rosettes on top of box lid first and glue in place.

keepsake box step 2

Continue gluing rosettes until the box is covered, overlapping as you go.

keepsake box step 2b

keepsake box step 3

To create a holiday themed box, use pretty printed papers. Leftover pieces of gift wrap or scrapbook papers work well. You can also use holiday themed shaped buttons instead of the shell buttons.

Happy Crafting!!

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