Iron-On Patches

Iron-On Patches are so popular right now! They aren’t just for kids, I’m also seeing a lot of adults getting in on this fun trend! Patches and appliques are a fun and simple way to add personal flair to a simple t-shirt, jacket, tote or jeans.

Onsie with Giraffe Iron-On Patches

To make the looks pictured, you will need the following materials:

Boutique Appliques Iron-On Patches

T-shirt, Onsie, Sweater or Jeans

Press Cloth or Thin Towel


Ironing Board

I used the following Iron-On Patches:

Giraffe  0013000258

Robot  001300239

Rainbow Heart  001300246

Iron-On Patches Appliques

Select fabrics that can handle the heat from an iron. Or you can simply sew on the patch instead of using heat to iron it on. Pre-wash your garment.

Make sure your iron does not have any water in it and turn off the steam setting. Set the iron to the polyester setting.

Select the placement for the patch or applique then place garment on the ironing board or other flat heat safe service. Place the patch in desired spot on the garment, adhesive side down. Carefully lay the cloth or thin towel on top so you don’t move the patch.

Press the iron firmly on the patch for 20 seconds, moving the iron back and forth slightly to avoid scorching the fabric. Allow to cool and check the edges of the patch to make sure they are firmly secured. If not, apply the iron for another 10 seconds.

You may also want to sew the edges or the patch with coordinating thread to keep it in place wash after wash.
Tshirt with Robot Iron-On PatchesSweater with Rainbow Heart Iron-On Patches

Iron-On Patches are also a great way to hide a stubborn stain or small tear! Stitch up the small tear and apply the applique on top.  We have over 50 applique designs to choose from so you can find the perfect icon or color for your look.




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