Bandana Button Napkin Rings

Here is another project to dress up dinner at the picnic table this summer! Use brightly colored bandanas, or other scraps of fabric, to create these Bandana Button Napkin Rings.  Use oversized buttons in a coordinating color. These cute little napkin rings also make a thoughtful hostess gift.  You can also pick a fabric that coordinates with a baby shower or brunch theme.

Bandana Button Napkin Rings on Stripes

Finished Bandana Button Napkin Rings

To make these Bandana Button Napkin Rings you will need the following materials:

Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons Happy 550002003

Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons Rainbow 550002001


Thread in White or a Coordinating Color

Sewing Machine

Velcro Dots or small strips

Bandanas or other fabric

Measuring Tape


Fabric Napkins

Bandana Button Napkin Rings Materials

Gather your materials

Once you have all your materials ready follow these simple steps:


To begin, cut two pieces of fabric to 3 inches by 9 inches for each napkin ring.

Bandana Button Napkin Rings Step 1

Cut out fabric pieces

With the wrong side of the fabric facing outward, use sewing machine or hand back stitch and sew three of the four sides of the napkin ring. Turn the napkin ring inside out.  You can insert scissors to help point the corners out fully. Next, fold in the open end and add a top stitch approximately 1/4 inch in around entire napkin ring.

Bandana Button Napkin Rings Step 2

Sew the bandana pieces together

Sew button to outside of napkin ring, close to one end. Then place one side of the velcro over button stitches and other side where you would like to close napkin ring. Add a few stitches to keep the Velcro in place.

Bandana Button Napkin Rings Step 3

Add the button and velcro

Roll the napkins, wrap with the Bandana Button Napkin Ring and close with the Velcro. Your guests will be so impressed! I used white napkins and a variety of bandana colors.  You can use a single color napkin ring and colorful napkins to change things up. Fabric napkins are great because they won’t fly away in the breeze!

Bandana Button Napkin Rings on Table

Dress-up your picnic with Bandana Button Napkin Rings!



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