Last Minute Mother’s Day Button Card!

QUICK need to make a card for Mom? Grab some color markers, color paper, buttons and glue! I borrowed some scrapbook paper from Helen 🙂

DIY Mother’s Day Button Card

grab your sharpies

purple buttons

I cut the paper to the size I wanted (about 4 x 6 inches) and laid the buttons out first to see what design I wanted. I used different color buttons from our Button Jars

mother's day button card

I lightly used a pencil to write out a message but if you have more time you could print something from the computer and use a font like Monotype Corsiva.

glue buttons to card

To me a hand-written card is unique and more personal and I had plenty of Sharpies handy to add some stems for the button flowers and little doodles.

Finished Mother's Day Card

These cards are for my Aunts and I am of course not adding the design I created for MY MOM ~ because I want her to be surprised! I may add it after Mother’s Day!

flower button card

If you have even more time you could use our new Flower Garden Enamels like Helen did in this card. Although it says “Friends” you could easily turn this into a Mom card! Helen used hot glue to place the flowers and green jewelry wire to create the stems!

Helen's Flower Button Card 08

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