Be My Button Heart!

With Valentine’s Day just days away and the clock ticking…why rush to the store and by something that’s pre-made when you can create it yourself?

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Yes you –  that’s right, there’s no reason why you can’t create one of these Button Hearts yourself,  granted you may not want to create a black button heart – but with ALL those button options from Button Jars – pink, red, yellow, purple, blue and green. I just thought it was different!  It’s easy and I’m going to show you how. (check out my You Tube Video we created – link below) You may have some of these items on hand – but with all those coupons that are circulating, hold onto to them — you may need to use them at your favorite craft store:

How to Create Your Own Layered Button Heart

Materials: Button Jars (your color choice); Bliss #4 (heart); La Mode #48103 & #48101; canvas 8×8; acrylic paint (for this project I used Folk Art – Metallic Silver Sterling by Plaid); black ink pad or brown (depending on what color choice you’re doing); paint brush; hot glue; ribbon; pencil;  paper towels; paper plate; computer – heart template; scissors.

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A tasting of the colors that are available for this button project! No one ever said your heart needs to be Red!

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Prepare your working surface – lay a piece of newspaper or paper so your work table doesn’t get dirty. Pour your paint onto a paper plate and with your paintbrush – paint your canvas – you may need two coats – don’t forget the sides! Set to side and let dry.  Use your computer to find a heart template (there are so many out there) you may need to enlarge to get the right size (my widest part of heart measured 7 1/2″ across). Once canvas has dried place template onto canvas and trace lightly with pencil.

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Now you’re ready to lay down your buttons – my preference is to lay all my buttons down first and then go back and glue. It may take a bit longer but it’s my preference. You may opt to glue right away…

Once the first layer is complete you can leave it or you may want to fill in the gaps! This is what I did.  This is where I placed the “glitz” buttons and lastly the bow.

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And there you go a beautiful wall art which can hang all year round!

To see a quick demo of how to create your own Button Heart – see our video on YouTube!

Below are several examples from the past year that I created for various projects:

pinkvalentine 001

same size 8×8 – i used brown ink for the edges…

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traditional red!


and of course recycled denim with a small pop of red!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Crafting!

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