Creativeworld – Frankfurt, Germany 2014

My blog today is a gallery of photos of our recent exhibit at Creativeworld 2014, Frankfurt, Germany.  One of the largest Trade Fairs for the Creative Sector! Creativeworld had approximately 287 exhibitors from 32 countries and this year there was a special section for 37 exhibitors from the US thanks to CHA. (this total does not reflect Paperworld or Christmasworld).

So sit back and enjoy the photos!



Our Booth at Creativeworld


Button Booth     Our Booth 2014


Button Inspiration     Button Rug

Favorite Findings     Colors buttons

Elegant Buttons

creativeworld 2014 197

creativeworld 2014 035     Make and Take 2014

several MTK’s were being created throughout the show!

      creativeworld 2014 040        creativeworld 2014 044

patterns – whether on paper or fabric – from color to black & white!

Trend Section at Creativeworld

creativeworld 2014 019


Each one of these individual aesthetics offers a broad range of inspiration for creative gifts, packaging, furnishing ideas, jewellery, clothes, fashion and home accessories. Be inspired by the new colours, designs, materials and techniques of the coming
season. A wealth of fresh perspectives for newcomers and professionals.

     moonlight tales     Moonlight tales in 2014

     creativeworld 2014 030     creativeworld 2014 089

          Blue light      Crafted Blue Lamp

     creativeworld 2014 090     creativeworld 2014 092

       creativeworld 2014 091      handmade ceiling lamps

Elegant materials and dark colours are what characterise the Moonlight Tales trend. Midnight blue, grey, metallic effects, black, dark brown and petrol blue determine the colour palette. Fine fabrics such as satin, lace, tulle and taffeta combine with pearls, mother of pearl and blossom. Through the carefully targeted use of reduced shapes, this vintage theme receives a modern twist and scores highly as elegant chic.

Golden affairs at Creative world     creativeworld 2014 088


The beauty of contrasts is the central pillar of Golden Affairs. This trend combines simple, natural materials with “elegant glamour”. So that, together with things like cardboard and plain wrapping paper, finds from the beach or from the forest are embellished with fine gold leaf. A delicate shade of pink brings a feminine touch to a light-coloured world of wood, milky white and sand. For Golden Affairs, it is simple but refined craft techniques that are used – such as dip-dyingfor example. This involves dipping fabric, paper, card and even porcelain in colorants to decorate it.Knittingcrochet work andembroidery find modern interpretations for this trend – be it coarse-knit seat cushions, delicate table mats in XXS yarn – or three-dimensional embroidered patterns on a light background – the centrally important thing is the new form of expression. The gilding of items that one has found oneself, such as twigs, branches and stones, as well as bags made of plain wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and recycled paper puts an elegant and personal stamp on them. The technique of embossing comes into its own on gold foil and shiny surfaces particularly. Contrasts are again created through combination with natural products and raw, untreated surfaces.

     creativeworld 2014 080     creative colours

       creativeworld 2014 082     creativeworld 2014 081

        creativeworld 2014 084     creativeworld 2014 078

For Coloured Memory, everything is about intense colours; they form a kind of thematic parenthesis. A powerful, sulphurous yellow, luminous pink and fresh turquoise come together with delicate pastel shades such as lilac and light blue. Designs are characterised by a nonchalant lightness. Materials such as natural paper or grey card emphasise the luminosity of the colours as well as the contemporary note struck by these uncompromisingly strident trends.

(the above 3 category information was pulled from the Creativeworld Trends website).

         creativeworld 2014 139     creativeworld 2014 138

       creativeworld 2014 135     creativeworld 2014 134

Lazer printing was visible – our friends from Pronty created these beautiful lampshades for the Paper Trend Show! FABULOUS!

     creativeworld 2014 128     creativeworld 2014 069

     creativeworld 2014 059     creativeworld 2014 054

displays Letterman for punching felt and the above a paint company.


Display filled with beads!  Paperworld show – many, many GLOBES!



for our jewelry enthusiasts – yes this chandelier is all made of CHAINS! Stunning! YES!





just a little from Christmasworld 2014 – breath taking every aisle filled with beautiful displays – if only we can have one from each….

So if you’re interested mark your calendars – next show January 31, 2015 – February 3, 2015!

Happy Crafting!

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