So here we are now it’s the Glitter Ball Event on the Royal Caribbean by MICHAEL’S . Everyone was enjoying themselves – the ladies were dressed to the “9’s” all “glittered out”.  Dancing, mingling, group photos – everywhere you turned there was something going on.  

Jo Pearson welcomed everyone – Kyra  made sure everyone was having a great time! Thanks Kyra!


The atmosphere made you feel as though you were underwater and with “Mermaids” – oh by the way there was a mermaid there!


Here are some additional photos:


 A table full of gemstones, glitter –  gems from under the sea!

Also during the week Michael’s crafters were able to participate in a “Duck Tape” Challenge. Yes I did say Duck Tape.  Check out the CREATIVITY these woman have…


Wedding Tape



Okay something to do with Football right?




I was at awwww…with all the duck tape projects that were made…If I ever need a new outfit – I might consider Duck Tape!

Okay  so now you know you can even create a complete outfit with tape!

Tomorrow I finish with the afternoon MTK we created and our Mermaids!


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