I’ve been home now for atleast two weeks and I needed to get to posting on my blog on the recent Michaels Cruise & Crop that I attended February 27 – March 3, 2011! A week to remember if I say so myself.  So I won’t overwhelm you all at once -I’ll post more the next couple of days…

Blumenthal Lansing was invited to participate in Michaels 1st Cruise & Crop!  We were more than excited to introduce crafting with buttons to Michaels Cruisers.    Cruising for me would have been a first and I was excited and looking forward to a week of crafting!  Check out the great cruise line:

Okay, okay I had to atleast show you the cruise ship! I keep saying WOW..

Sunday afternoon we were invited to attend a Champagne Welcome Party we were greeted by Gail and Cheri from Cruise & Crop:


These two young ladies make cruising and your favorite hobby possible (the best of both worlds!).

Our next day was a FULL day of crafting!  Boy I was like a kid in a candy store…I was introduced to sculpting, journaling and mixed media art…Here are some photos from our 1st day of crafting:


The beginning stages of my mermaid! After sculpting we set this aside so that the clay can harden (we will finish our mermaids on Friday).


class full of excited crafters!


Journaling – where we created covers for journals with the help of Kathy who created the hearts for us!  The above journal cover was created by someone else in the class – check out the others…

I was overwhelmed how everyone  invisioned their journal covers! What talented group of crafters!

The final project of the day was our mix media art canvas project. 


I was introduced to three forms of crafting…and I had fun creating and now have learned some new techniques. So we leave the day with some great crafting techniques and a bag full of crafting items! Check out these great products (which we used during our class session).


All of the above and plus some is what we received during our class!

In the next day or so I’ll post on the afternoon Make-It-Take Classes, Glitter Ball and the Duck Tape Challenge!

Happy Crafting!

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