Over the Rainbow – Button Hoop Craft kit

The other day I posted a photo on Instagram of  a side view of our New Button Hoop Craft Kit  Rainbow #710007108 and the response was wonderful.  Today I’m going to show you how to create yours.  I find that sometimes when I see a tutorial on how a project is created it soooooo helps with the creative inspiration and that extra push!  So let’s get started…

Rainbow Button Art

Materials:  Crafting with buttons – Rainbow #710007106
what’s great with this project? We’ve provided all the materials for you! That’s right this couldn’t get any easier and whatever else you’ll need you already own –  tweezers (to help with the seed beads, scissors, iron- possibly ribbon, some type of hanging devise nail, self adhesive hook.  Oh yeah and a work space.

Layout your components: hoop, pre-printed canvas, buttons & beads.  At this point you may want to run the iron over your canvas to get the wrinkles out.

Next – unscrew the hoop. For those who’ve never worked with a hoop – you’ll see a metal lock screw – begin twisting so it releases and it begins to expand. Now you have two – inner hoop & outer hoop.  Working with the “inner” hoop lay your canvas ontop.  With your “outer” hoop place over the canvas (determine where you want to have your closure – you may want this on the top or side).  Begin twisting the closure (to secure) at this point you may begin adjusting your canvas  (straightening the fabric – you do want the fabric to be even on all around).  Good? Great!

  Canvas 001

Your ready to begin adding the buttons – I like laying out my buttons before gluing, this allows me to make any adjustments as I go along!

  Canvas 003

So this is how I laid out my rainbow.  Yes,  there’s a lot of space in between but don’t worry your beads will fill these areas!

   Canvas 005

Now the beads – add a bead of glue along the edge (work in sections this helps and the glue won’t dry so quick).  Use a tweezer to help you push the beads into place.  Keep going until you’ve done each row.

     Canvas 006

 Almost done!

   Canvas 009

Canvas 011

To finish off the project trim canvas and you can run a bead of glue along the inside of the hoop and tuck the ends inside.  Add some ribbon in the colors of the buttons for fun and your ready to hang!

Canvas 008

I leave the end to you. Somewhere Over the Rainbow with BUTTONS!

May your pot be filled with buttons!

Happy Crafting!

thought I was done? Silly you. Here are some additional photos of the other hoops we carry in the process of being completed (just needs to be trimmed!).

Canvas 013

Love #710007108 – this makes a great Valentine’s Gift/Project!

misc 050

Anchor #710007107 –  summer doesn’t have to be over!

Here are some additional step out photos of the anchor:

          misc 053          misc 059

     misc 058misc 055

granted it’s upside down but you  get the idea!

Happy Crafting!

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