Prima Ombre Button Ballerina

Have you had the opportunity to see all our collection of Ombre buttons? The colors waves are so pretty and need to be seen – and the projects endless.

The other day I posted on Instagram a project what I had created with the Ombre Buttons… I’ve created this project before using our Favorite Finding Glitter buttons, Flower Garden buttons and now Ombre buttons….the color selection was difficult because there were so many to choose from (check out below all the colors available).

Now unfortunately, I don’t have step by step photos of the project, however it’s pretty easy to create your own.

Ombre Ballerina 001
Materials that you will need: Ombre Buttons; 12×24 stretched canvas; acrylic paint; paintbrush; tulle tutu; hot glue.

Prepare your work space.  Since I’m not an artist, I had my sister (who is one of our designers paint the torso – along with all the other “ballerinas” we’ve created for our projects).  Or you can enlarge a torso/mannequin from the internet.  Paint canvas – let dry.

Next add your tutu (you can either purchase or sew your own) there are so many available and inexpensive too.  I was lucky to find one that was “ombre”. All I did was add some glue and lay my tutu on top and then added additional glue underneath for additional support.

I worked from the waist up. Glue one layer down at a time – for each shade I created three rows and went back and layered on top of those.  One tip I have  – lay your buttons down first and then go back and glue – this way you can adjust as you go along!

you can add a bow on top for an accent but I opted not to.


Ombre Ballerina 002

you can’t tell from the photo but the tutu does hang below the actual canvas approximately three inches. You can trim  – the best size to purchase is children/toddler size tutu.

Once your done your project is ready to hang. No frame necessary. I think any girl will love this in her room!

Check out these great colors… They will soon be available on our website!


from left to right: 470001101 – Red; 470001102 – Pink; 470001103 Orange; 470001104 Yellow


470001105 – Lime Green; 470001106 Mint Green; 470001107 Turquoise; 470001108 Blue


470001109 Cornflower; 470001110 Purple; 47000111 Wine


470001112 Brown; 470001113 Olive Green; 470001114 Taupe; 470001115 Grey

The combos are endless.  Have fun creating your Prima Ombre Button Ballerina!

Happy Crafting!

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