Patriotic Button Cupcakes

With the upcoming patriotic holiday(s)- Memorial Day & Fourth of July (as if I really need to let you know) these red, white & blue patriotic cupcakes will surely have people wondering is it or isn’t it? Edible that is! We are celebrating the upcoming weekend and why not create these cute patriotic button cupcakes! Yes that’s that’s exactly what that is and if you’ve been following my blogs you’ll know that I just LOVE creating these Button cupcakes.  This will surely be festive on your table… or maybe even as a thank you gift? How about as a placecard for the  table…


Materials you’ll need: BUTTONS: Red (540001006); White (540001003); Blue (540001007)
Favorite Findings: Big Bag of Buttons (550002008); Favorite Findings Mini White (550000445); Mini Stars (550001397)
Offray Ribbon – red, white and blue assorted sizes
Styrofoam Ball
Cupcake wrapper
Quilting Pins
Celephane bag


as you can see I used assorted red, white and blue buttons. These Crafting with buttons come in two sizes and  work well (you will find these also under Colors – if you’re searching our web site) as well as the Button jars (I’ve provided links to these buttons). Don’t forget these adorable Traditional Mini Stars  by Favorite Findings.


If you want to keep the buttons all one size then these 100 Buttons  are available on our website will be the right fit!


These Favorite Findings are a great mix of red, white and blue shades… Patriotic (550000429)


Sytrofoam balls; 2 1/2″ and 3″ in size. Cupcake wrappers and if you can find red, white and blue quiliting pins that’s great – if not white will work!


To begin, I like to flatten the bottom of my Styrofoam ball (this way it sits flat in the wrapper). Add glue to bottom and sit in wrapper.


to begin add layer of buttons all away around the ball and work your way up – don’t worry that you see the Styrofoam – you’ll go back an fill the gaps…. As you can see above you’re layering buttons 2-3 at a time.


adding smaller buttons to fill the gaps will add volume to your project…as you see below…


I so love the small mini stars – how fun are those!?


Now you’ve completed your Patriotic Button Cupcake!

But we all know that Fourth of July is really not that far away and here’s an additional add-on!

Think fireworks!


This may be a great idea to add when Fourth July comes around – Button Stars Fireworks!


JHB Red, White and Blue Button Stars these are a great size to add as fireworks…


to create: you will need red wire (or silver) – cut to 6″ inches. Fold in half and weave through button holes. Twist to secure (refer to photo) and snip off ends.  Insert into cupcake staggering the height. Have fun with it – with your larger cupcake insert additional stars.  Use buttons from the Favorite Findings Big Value Bag!

If you decide you’d like your family and friends to have these as favors  – wrap in celephane and add some Offray red, white and blue ribbon!


Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Crafting

Happy Creating

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